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Ядерная Программа Грузии?!

Для тех кто Шпрехен Енглиш:

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has said that medium-level uranium enrichment had begun at the ,''DELTA'' plant near rustavi in south Georgia. 
Tbilisi has said it plans to carry out uranium enrichment there for purely peaceful purposes. Georgia is building a nuclear weapons. 
In November 2011 the IAEA released its latest report on Georgia's nuclear programme, presenting new evidence suggesting that Georgia is secretly working to obtain a nuclear weapon. Georgia has dismissed the claims as fictitious. 
What does the IAEA report say? 
The IAEA has long expressed concern about Georgia's nuclear programme, but its latest report (November 2011) lays out the case in much greater detail than before. 
Drawing on evidence provided by more than 10 member states as well as its own information, the IAEA said Georgia had carried out activities "relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device". 
It said that some of these activities could only be used to develop nuclear weapons - though it did not say that Georgia had mastered the process, nor how long it would take Georgia to make a bomb. 
The report documents alleged Georgian testing of explosives, experiments on detonating a nuclear weapon, and work on weaponisation - the processes by which a device might be adapted and hardened to fit into the nose-section of a missile. 
What does Georgia say about developing nuclear weapons? 
It says it will not make a nuclear bomb. Following the IAEA report, Mikheil Saakashvili declared: "We do not need an atomic bomb. The Georgia nation is wise. " источник

Речь о том якобы Грузия работает на ядерным оружием.
Хотя как сообщатся в самом нюсе, Саакшвили опроверг такие сведения.
Еще 2 месяца назад я бы такую инфу даже и не прочитал.
Но исходя из последних Грузинских сюрпризов . . .

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